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Strategic Partners Programs

Expand Your Income Base

IVS is looking for strategic partners who's goals and capabilities work with ours. If you have customers who have industrial facilities you may have an opportunity to make more money.

By selling our services to your existing customers you can provide them with new high quality services, while making money yourself.

Contact us today and find out how our Strategic Partners benefit from working with us.

Asset Management Programs
Our national contract with General Motors has led us to develop a customized software solution for managing repairable assets within an industrial or manufacturing facility.

This program has saved our customers millions of dollars by helping them manage the assets they consume much more efficiently. We call this program RAMP, or the Repairable Asset Management Program.

Now your customers can have access to the same groundbreaking software that helps the big boys!

IVS, Inc. Global Industrial Solutions
A Partnership for Progress

Industrial Equipment Sales and Service

IVS sells and services most brands of industrial equipment

  • Programmable Controllers

  • AC/DC Servo drives & motors

  • Feedback Systems

  • Robotic Systems Repair/Rebuild

  • NC/CNC Subsystems

  • PLC/MMI Terminals

  • Industrial Computer Systems

  • Industrial Monitors

  • Hydraulics...and much more

For more information on how you can
sell our state-of-the-art solutions
to your customers call today.

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